Wedding Wishes For Newly Wed Couple

Here is a collection of Wedding Wishes For Newly Wed Couple with images and quotes which will be a very useful one for you to share your wedding wishes with the newly married couples. All the images, e-cards, messages, wallpapers, greetings, pictures in this "Wedding Wishes For Newly Wed Couple" tag collection are designed in a beautiful way and unique way to impress the couple.

    "It seems like yesterday we were playing 'house' in the backyard, and now you get to do it in real life. I couldn't be happier for you both. Congratulations!"

    "Congrats! Love and hugs."

    "We/I love you both. Thanks for letting us share in your celebration!"

    Make use of these Wedding Wishes For Newly Wed Couple images collection to share your heartfelt marriage wishes with the couple. Here you will find images, e-cards, greetings, pictures, wallpapers like "Marriage Changes People’s Lives And I Wish That Your Changes Would Be For The Better", "You’ve Just Got Married, But I’m Already Looking Forward To Seeing Your Pretty Kids" etc.

    "We/I couldn't be happier to call you both family. Best wishes for a long and happy future together."

    "What a wonderful addition to our family. We're/I'm so happy to share in your celebration. Congratulations!"

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